Name: Dan Carroll
Email: dan@dancarroll.org
Location: Newton, MA

Where else you can find me

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What I do

I am currently working for Microsoft as a software development engineer in the Office organization. A long title, yes, but it’s essentially a fusion of programmer and tester. My responsibilities include testing the product and developing tools and automated test suites. Over the years, I have worked on the Outlook platform, which allows external developers and businesses to develop add-ins and customize Outlook for their specific needs, SharePoint, and SkyDrive Pro.

My interests

In my free time, which this blog will primarily concern, I have a number of hobbies and engage in a number of activities.

On the technical side, my primary programming expertise is in C# and the .NET framework. This website serves as a chance to experiment with Python, using the Django web development framework and Hyde over the years. It also has given me a chance to dive much deeper into XHTML and CSS. Web development is a nice change of pace from what I do at work, and it is an area I hope to continue to explore in the future.

Outside of technology, I am a casual golfer and squash player. In the past I was an avid runner, completing a half-marathon in 2005. I enjoy gaming and spend a fair amount of time on my Xbox 360 (my Gamertag is erunama). My favorite 360 games are Mass Effect and Fallout 3. I am a licensed amateur radio operator under the call sign is KE7UTD, though I have not taken advantage of the license yet. My favorite brewery is Allagash.