Posted March 15, 2010. Tagged general.

Welcome to my new site at dancarroll.org. It’s been about three years since I last maintained a blog, which was hosted on erunama.com. Since that time, I graduated from college and entered the working world as a software developer. Lately, I have wanted to return to blogging in order to have a place to discuss my projects and interests. As with most software developers, my interests span many different technologies, and I hope to share some of those experiences here.

As for who exactly I am, more information is available on the About section of this site. Quick summary: I am currently working for Microsoft on the Outlook team. That said, this site will reflect my personal opinions and not those of my employer.

About this site

I started developing this site in late 2008 as an excuse to learn Python and experiment with the Django web framework. Due to other time commitments, such as planning a wedding, the project got shelved for a full year. Starting in early 2010, I picked the project back up and went full steam ahead to finish it and get it deployed.

On the front page of this site, you will notice a section for my activity. This displays an aggregation of my public activity from a variety of social and collaborative services, such as Twitter and Google Reader. I’d like my actual blog entries to contain more substantial content, so I’ll rely on the activity section to provide smaller, more frequent updates.

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