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  1. Configuring No-WWW for IIS on Azure
    Some tips for configuring setting up IIS’ Web.Config file to ensure a good canonical name.
  2. Using Windows to access a Linux virtual machine by its host name
    Initially, I needed to use an IP address to access a Linux virtual machine. This post details how to setup Samba on the VM to join in the NetBIOS action.
  3. Setting up a Linux virtual machine for easy web development on Windows
    Being a Windows user can be a real drag when trying to use technologies originally designed for the Unix world. There must be an easier way! Virtualization to the rescue!
  4. Cygwin: Fatal error - unable to remap
    I love using Cygwin to get access to a Unix shell on Windows, but this error happens pretty frequently on Vista and Windows 7. Here’s some information and how to fix it.