This blog is Open Source

Posted March 21, 2010. Tagged general, coding, and django.

When I started developing this site, my ultimate goal was to make the code open source. Since this project was my first foray into both the Python programming language and the Django framework, I was constantly searching for resources, tips, and best practices. If it weren’t for great projects like Pinax and django-basic-apps, and bloggers like Steve Losh who have made their code available, I would have spent a lot more time getting my own site up and running.

Since these projects have been so valuable to me, I wanted to make my code available for others to potentially benefit from.


First things first, the code is available on Bitbucket (with a mirror on GitHub). Feel free to browse the code, clone the repository, and ask me questions. Also, I would be more than happy to receive bug reports, fixes, and suggestions.


There are a number of other reasons I chose to open source the code for this site. I could list them here, but they all mirror the reasons Steve Losh gave for open sourcing his site. This goal has led me to writing better code and maintaining higher standards and better development practices. Even if no one uses my code, I’ve spent the time to make my life easier by having a more maintainable, stable product.

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