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  1. Configuring No-WWW for IIS on Azure
    Some tips for configuring setting up IIS’ Web.Config file to ensure a good canonical name.
  2. Redesign
    Finishing personal projects is hard. The redesign of this site took way longer than expected.
  3. Caveat about WP7 Live Tiles without cellular data
    A short note about developing for WP7, and the implications of how the Windows Phone OS manages power usage and Wi-Fi connections.
  4. Announcing django-activitysync
    Django-activitysync provides easy-to-use extensible social activity aggregation for Django projects.
  5. Accessing and debugging the Django development server from another machine
    In continuing my series about Django development on a Linux VM, I make a few tweaks to some Django settings to make debugging easier from the host machine.
  6. Extending and improving InfinitePaginator
    There are a few tweaks we can make to the InfinitePage class to make it easier to use, and further improve its performance.
  7. Using InfinitePaginator to improve Django paging performance
    Two classes from the django-pagination project make paging objects easy.
  8. Setting up a cron job to run a Django management command in a Python virtualenv
    It’s pretty straightforward, but it took some trial on my part to get it working the way I want.
  9. This blog is Open Source
    The code for this site is open source. Please benefit from it.
  10. Using two-digit months in the URL configuration for a Django blog application
    A how-to for making clean, nice looking URLs in a Django blog. No three letter month abbreviations here!